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~~~Tea Cups & Screw ups~~~

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1/30/10 12:59 am

Why do nurses feel its ok to bitch about people once they have left the hospital?
No it is NOT OK to sit in a pub in big groups and talk REALLY LOUD about how self-harm is pointless and "an annoying thing to have to clean up/deal with"
Then talk about this "messed up guy" with a BMI of 15 who keeps ending up in A&E.
Then i got hit on buy this gross guy who was like "hey i don't want a drink but your number would be nice" er NO.
This 30hr working week + uni is driving me crazy. o.o

Oh but i bought new jeggings! (age 10-11) lol.....whatever.

stressssed! Should sleep.

1/28/10 11:22 am

I just had to have a room inspection my health and safety or whatever they are.
I really need to tidy my room.
It is actually a TIP.
I feel like a skank.

1/22/10 03:02 pm

I did something pretty big today.
I went to a supermarket by myself.
I got the train there, got a trolly, had a shopping list, didn't buy binge food, stuck to the list and bought a few sensible bits not on there too.
Bought multi-vitamins also.
Packed it all into two shopper bags.
And got the train home.

I have then made a list of all the things i bought, listing the things that will go out of date fastest, and made 3 days meal plans.

I am crazy proud of myself. :)

1/9/10 09:18 pm

Went to the AmQ store in london and bought this snake skin bracelet/buckle!

AHHH i love it! and the little skull!!! YAY. (only £145 which IS cheap i swear!)
So i had a really nice day with Liz in london, mostly fabric shopping, which was sosososososo tempting because all the £100p/m fabric is to die for....

1/4/10 02:38 pm

              Things to do:

  • Hopefully get some meds for bipolar episodes (sick of being SOO HAPPY then thinking about killing myself)
  • Get some more meds for panic attacks/anxiety.
  • Get tax sorted out.
  • keep doing uni work.
  • paint the ugly wood in my room.
  • buy hair dye.
  • sell shoes and stuff i don't use.
  • join a gym.
  • Go to the surgery to register with a doctor.
  • See doctor about a mental health assesment.

Stop going psycho on myself. seriously, not cool.
Stress is driving me crazy.

1/3/10 02:41 am

it took my laptop 5 hours to load and watch a one hour episode of Dr Who.
This would be less funny if it wasn't 2.30 in the morning. I NEED SLEEP DAMMIT.
o hai thar insanity. come sweep me off my feet ~

oh man i have so screwed myself over, i have so much work to do and fuck all time to do it.
You know what i want?
I want to work in a bookstore or a coffee shop that sells vegan muffins.
I really Really could not care less about a carer, i just want to be happy.

1/1/10 01:41 am

i am nevy drunk right now.
how i got drunk at work people bought me free drinks and i eas allowed tham due to new year so i had to work for an housr very drunk.
good good
boss text me alsking why i will not date hims o i text him back sayijng i likr hi m but mot liek that.
typimg is hard when this drunk, howd id i walk home????? XD
anyway happy nbew year and all that!
i think i need to go to sleop
not so good. lol.

12/31/09 11:39 am

Because it has to be done:

New years resolutions 2010.
Get sleeve tattoo finished, or at the very least, decide on what to get!
Spend less than £15 a week on food (is currently like £35! total waste of money!)
Get an A in at least one uni project.
Go to a gym
loose stupid gained binging weight.
Stop binging.

Ok, thats enough.
Now the 2009 ones i remember:

Don't cut hair for a year.   Really i compleated this one! I got it trimmed twice and styled once but nothing really off the length! yaaaay.
Get to target weight. Yeah that never happened, though i was like 4lbs off, not bad.
Get back into uni/move out.  Yeahhhh did that!
Go to the gym. Never happened. lol.
Become vegan. Lasted 4 days XD

12/30/09 02:29 pm

And the tattoo man let me watch a dvd whilst i was waiting then when i was getting my tattoo!  So i put the mighty boosh on, which was ok until i started giggling XD
I also got a lollypop XD



12/27/09 04:55 pm

My bedroom that my mom decorated as part of my xmas pressie!
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