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7/26/10 02:36 pm

I no longer use livejournal, but for anyone interested, i do have a blog!
Bye bye LJ! xxXxx

3/20/10 06:09 pm - Writer's Block: Categorically speaking ...

If the interior discussion in your head were indexed by category, what would the five most recurring subjects be?

1. looking greedy/stupid/insaine/etc.
2. forgetting things.
3. make sure every one is alright.
4. point of life.
5. Money/shopping.

3/13/10 06:12 pm

Wilson - "Come out with me tonight, i'm going speed dating."
House - "You're going dating on meth?! Count me in!"

BWAHAHAHAHA i love house too much....

3/9/10 08:19 am

When you are a child, you expect to wake up one day in adulthood and to just think differently. To be an adult suddenly and to view the world with adults eyes.
But somewhere along the line someone lied to us.
Because there is no such thing as adulthood.
We can get to 20, 30, 50....and still have the same "teenage" issues, still not have a clue what life is all about or the point of it.
Then we get to the end of the line and feel cheated, because we waited our whole lives to understand it all, to know what we are supposed to do.
And it never comes along.
I can't help but look around a room of "adults" and just see some children.

3/4/10 08:44 am - Street Spotted!

I was trend spotted in brighton last sat. with rave, robyn, liz and josh.
The photographer just emailed me the image he created ^^

It might get used for brightons free monthly magazine which he takes street photo's for, or for his new book, or nothing at all, But it was a fun experience!

2/25/10 09:14 am

I wish life was as simple as I pretend it is.
Then someone always comes out of
the woodwork to throw me
off my feet.

2/16/10 09:07 pm

Wow ok, ok.
I am banned from shopping for a very goddamned long time.
£340 in four days?!?!?!
over £1000 in a month.
uhhhh this isn't good missy...

In other news, i am at my moms house for a few days, wooo. Hoping to get uni work done...lots of uni work T_T

2/13/10 09:15 pm

I am actually having a mid life crisis right now.
I never expected to live this long one way or the other so now my 20th birthday is two weeks away i'm just like AHHHHHHH ADULTHOOD.

Now i know, nothing wrong with being 20.
It won't stop me having a pink room, or a giant hello kitty, or an obsession with the cute and fluffy....

But i am TERRIFIED i will not know when to play myself down so i don't end up like my mom. (56 and still goes about in tartan mini skirts and knee high socks with a bow in her hair...not even kidding.....it's a daily thing....)

i just want to look 15 forever! eeeep! o.o
I swear the day i don't get asked for ID i'll cry.


2/11/10 04:35 pm

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen.
A truly talented designer.

2/9/10 03:07 pm

WOOO i got deco-happy today!
Phone so far:

Also did my naillllls:
Nails~Collapse )
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